Séminaire Marcello Gallucci

Quand :
21 février 2020 @ 10 h 00 min – 12 h 00 min
Où :
Salle Annie Génovèse - Bâtiment Michel Dubois

“The Cronbach variations : Multi-items measurements and modern statistical techniques to analyze them”

Starting from classical measurement theory and Cronbach’s Generalizability theory, standard techniques to evaluate measurements composed by multi-items or multi-stimuli are reviewed, and some practical guidelines are presented. On this basis, more advanced techniques are introduced for the analysis of experiments and designs that include multi-items or multi-stimuli measurements, such as multi-items scales or highly repeated-measures designs. Particular emphasis will be given to mixed models (multilevel models) applied to the analysis of these designs, in which both items and participants are considered as a source of variability. Practical examples will be discussed with the aid of jamovi statistical software.